RD Therapeutics™

Driven by Science, Technology & Clinical Evidence.

Driven by science, technology and clinical evidence, RD Therapeutics was formed by a multidisciplinary team of industry experts with global experience across the technology, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The company’s professional trajectory has taught it the importance of being at the forefront of research and technological advances in product development to bring to market a unique range of products that will help to create a society in which health and wellness as a way of life is within the reach of all.

RD Therapeutics™ is backed by a unique blend of knowledge, skills and facilities that ensure professionalism, quality assurance and ethics all the way through product development to manufacturing to commercialisation. Our dedicated approach to product development, together with our close attention to detail at each step in the process, from product conception to upscaling to manufacturing, has allowed us to gain tremendous expertise and know-how, and thereby innovate efficiently and effectively.

We are committed to bringing to market a unique range of sustainable nutraceutical,  pharmaceutical and vaccine products that will help to create a society in which health and wellness, as a way of life, is within the reach of all.

Ailene Thiel CEO RD Therapeutics

CEO Ailene Thiel

Corporate Distribution Partner

RD Therapeutics’ success is strengthened by our close working relationships with industry leading professionals and corporations. These institutional partners provide RD Therapeutics with access to specialised resources to underpin our objective of providing high quality health and wellness products.

Our Distribution partner

Oakland International is an award-winning integrated supply chain specialist with a reputation for innovation through sustainability. Oakland services retail, wholesale, discount and convenience markets via its UK and Ireland multi temperature-based facilities

Our Values

Our mission, vision, and values are at the heart of our business. We strive to provide innovative solutions for the health & wellness industry, helping people across the world live healthier lives.

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Quality & Safety

Exceed customer expectations and continue to improve clinical excellence in line with industry safety standards.

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Respect, integrity and transparency guide our actions to do the right thing.

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Our people and customers inspire us to act with care, commitment and passion.

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We cultivate an open and entrepreneurial mind-set in all that we do.