How Oral Thin Film technology works

Rapid Delivery for Faster Clinical Effect
& Symptom Relief


Micronised molecules

Oral Thin Film’s micronising technology reduces the molecules of your active ingredient.  These tiny molecules are then embedded and suspended into the Oral thin film matrix.

When you digest a pill or drink, your body can lose significant amounts of the active ingredient due to its breakdown through your digestive process — decreasing efficacy — while potentially causing unwanted effects in your liver and gastro-intestinal system. Overall, when taking a pill or drops, less active ingredient is delivered when digested and can take much longer for results.

Oral thin film solves this — no digestion or water is required, your precise dose can be delivered quickly into your bloodstream, by-passing your liver and digestive process — delivering rapid results.

oral film
oral film

Oral thin film can deliver pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, or other supplements) significantly faster, and requires less active ingredient for the same result.

Oral thin film is designed to provide rapid delivery for faster clinical effect and symptom relief. Our game-changing proprietary fast-dissolving drug delivery system, Oral  film, rapidly releases the full concentrated dose of the ingredients which results in rapid onset of action via a more comfortable and convenient delivery route than the intravenous route.

Taking vitamins as an example, when you ingest a vitamin product — such as a tablet, capsule or a chewable — the vitamin first has to pass through your stomach and liver. Both of these organs are designed to break down anything that goes into them. This essentially dilutes the vitamin, meaning that less of the original product is absorbed effectively. This is known as the First Pass Effect.