RD Therapeutics supports our business partner, Oakland International, who are driving a truly inspirational initiative. With many around the world looking to see how they could support refugees fleeing Ukraine and help those remaining in the country, Oakland International decided to use their expertise in logistics to get aid and relief to where it is needed. 

At the outset, Oakland International funded 50 lorries and drivers to transport aid and donations, from the public and the UK and Irish food industry, from the UK to Ukrainian refugees in Poland and into the heart of Ukraine. Working together with local authorities, network partners and aid organizations, to date, they have managed to deliver all 50 lorries containing aid to refugees on the Polish border and even into Ukraine despite the challenges. Oakland International has now reached its free funding limit for 50 trucks; however, it has set up a JustGiving page with the aim of collecting funds (approximately £100k) to pay for the cost of food and transport so it can deploy an additional 50 lorries.  

In addition, Oakland aims to get 500,000 boxes with seven days’ worth of food into Ukraine to feed families who are in desperate need.

To help make this a reality, please consider donating. Thank you for your support!


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